Monday, September 27, 2004


Rant! - How much it would save?

I recently read a post from someone that has quit smoking and talked about how much money they saved by not smoking. My thoughts?


Also heard this mentioned on Oprah's show a few weeks ago about "saving money" where the expert suggested that "if you cut out cigarette smoking - just imagine how much you will save" -

Again I say "I don't care!"
If you have something that you like to do/enjoy then why not enjoy it!

The last time I bought cigarettes I went out of my way to get them at differnet place. They were $2 less there and I plan to get them there again.

You can see 10 different places that sell cigarettes and each place will have a different price - and of course they are not including the tax in the price!

I "bit the bullet" last week and bought my cigarettes at the grocery store. The weather was so bad and it was so cold that I just did not feel like making the extra journey. Of course it did cost more but I just decided to adjust my budget to make up for it!

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